Monday, January 5, 2009

Hellooooo. :D. 
Well, I thought that I would announce that my back is killing me. :|. Stupid massage chairs at the nail salon. xD. 
  And, mom, I'm still convinced somethings wrong with me. xD.

 Hmmmmmmmm. LETS THINK! There had to be something crazyawesome to talk about. 
 HM. I am having music, writers, and artists block. D;. It's VERY irritating. D:. 
 Uhh. Dang. I never really noticed how interminable my life is until now. xD.
 I like words. Preferably words that no one uses anymore. xD.
 Rad, groovy, fantastic, excellent, intriguing, irrevocable, benighted, besotted, cumbrous, ect ect. xD.

 love my uncommon words. xD.


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  1. Hey QT pie! Be good.


    Aunt Kelli